Pastries In Paris

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Have you been to Paris? One of the best things about Paris is the pastries that you can find in any patisserie in the city.  There is also something you should know about France, there is a difference between a boulangerie and a patisserie. You can buy bread at a boulangerie and sweets at a patisserie (and did you know I wrote a book on Paris?).

Here are a few pictures I took from different patisseries in Nice and Paris.  The pastries were behind glass and the women behind the counter didn’t seem to thrilled that I was snapping pictures so I did the best I could under the conditions. If you are dining in France and want to save a bit of money, you can get your dessert from a patisserie as they are easy to find and in neighborhoods and big cities all over the country.  This way you skip the desert in a restaurant which can sometimes be a bit pricey and get to experience a bit of the French lifestyle by ordering your dessert next to other Parisians.

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Have you been to Paris? Do you like French pastries?


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