Public Transportation In Santorini


If you’re in Santorini and want to see various parts of the island, you can easily see all that you want with the local bus. Public Transportation in Santorini is relatively easy with local buses. There are no day passes and each time you get on the bus you have to pay the 1.60 euro fee (as of October 2014) and there is a different fee for locals. The buses run all over the island with the central station being in Fira.  From Fira you can take a bus to your destination but make sure you keep your ticket until you get off the bus as you may be asked to show it throughout your journey.

Most buses are green but there are a few that are different colors and each bus has their destination in the front window.  When you get on the bus you tell them where you are going and they will make sure they stop where you need to go. There are no bells or buttons to request your stop, you have to tell them your destination.


At the central bus station there are restrooms but they are not modern, you have to squat and you must pay a small fee before entering. There is a small snack bar at the station in Fira where you can buy some snacks (nuts, candy, gum etc), those are allowed but don’t break out your sandwich or drinks as you aren’t allowed to eat or drink on the bus. There are no assigned seats, you simply sit where you can find a place and the seats are leather and comfortable and each bus is air conditioned.





In Oia (where I stayed) you can hop on the bus at a bus stop or you can get it from the square in the center of town where it drops off and picks up. You can also stand on the side of the road and flag down the bus. There are bus stops but if you wave at the bus along the street it will stop for you.


The next few pictures are the square in Oia where you can get the bus. It normally comes every 30 minutes with the last bus leaving at 9:45pm.






So if you’re in Santorini and want to sightsee, the bus is the way to go!



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