How To Pack Shoes In Luggage

packing shoes in luggage

Once again, I saw something on one of the checked bags that I just don’t understand so hopefully you will benefit from this passengers mistake.  When you are packing your shoes in luggage, there is never a reason to pack them on the OUTSIDE of your backpack.

There is a very good chance that this pair of shoes could fall off and the passenger would be so upset but would he have anyone but himself to blame? No, absolutely not. Rampers are not responsible for the contents inside or outside of your checked bag, that isn’t our priority.  All a ramp agent has to do is get your bag to the plane and if your shoes fall off, no one is going to search for them.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, your checked bags goes through conveyor belts and sits in several different carts before it makes it to your flight. By having your shoes on the outside of your luggage this way, you are asking for trouble. So please, when you pack your shoes, please do not do it this way.

You can get packing cubes which fit perfectly in any bag and they keep your shoes protected. I have used Eagle Creek and recently purchased ebags, whatever you decide to do just make sure you pack your shoes and INSIDE of your bag, NEVER on the outside as you see in these pictures.

packing shoes in luggage

Have you ever packed anything important on the outside of your checked bag?

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    1. You would be amazed at the things people pack and the way they pack them! It seems like common sense is never in the equation. Thanks for stopping by!

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