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Eagle Creek sent me their Pack It Starter Set  and their Pack-it Specter Compression Cube Set to try out while I took my trips to Cuba, Spain, and Morocco.  I can easily say that my love for packing cubes has increased even more which I didn’t think possible as I’ve been using packing cubes for 10 years.  I apologize because my photo skills couldn’t quite get the packing cubes the way I wanted them to look but hopefully you get the idea.

I am all about only taking a carry-on bag and using these cubes made packing a cinch. Each trip I went on was 2 weeks long and for each trip I only took a carry on and a purse.  I never ran out of clothes and having these cubes made packing so incredibly easy because I knew what was in each cube I didn’t have to search through tons of clothes trying to find what I needed.



Another perk of packing cubes is that I don’t have to take any of my clothes out, I simply took the cube from my carry-on bag and put it in the drawers in my hotel or my apartment rental. No organizing, no hassle! So simple!

2 weeks worth of clothes in Cuba. The black case I bought years ago and is also Eagle Creek
2 weeks worth of clothes in Cuba.


While each system is equally useful they are a bit different. The Compression Cubes (the white ones) are made of a very pliable material that makes it super easy to squish (that’s the technical term for it, squish). Does that make sense? For instance, it’s so malleable I could stuff a cube in a corner of my carry-on bag (on the way back home I had stuffed my bags like crazy because I bought a few things).

The blue ones are made of different material so you don’t have the ability to squish them in the same way as they keep their shape. The picture below I am holding the biggest Compression Cube in my hand so you can see how malleable it actually is.




If you’ve never tried packing cubes, what’s stopping you? They are the best way I have found to keep my bags neat and organized and I don’t have to overthink packing. However, for those of you that like to check bags and take tons of clothes, you can also use these. When I was working as a Tour Manager and I had to take a big checked bag, I used several Eagle Creek packing folders and cubes in my suitcases so please don’t think these are only for a carry-on bag.

These are for anyone who wants packing to be easy. I think you will like them! You can order the packing starter set here and if you want your own set of compression cubes click here to order them!


Eagle Creek sent me these cubes to review but of course this post is filled with my own opinions. The links for the packing folders are affiliate links which means I will get a small portion of whatever you decide to buy. So buy a ton, ok? 🙂


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  1. Have you tried other types of packing cubes. There are some that I bought that I really love from Amazon.. Not sure if Eagle Creek also has ones like this but they really made packing super easy for our trip to Europe this summer.

    1. I have and I haven’t had any issues with any others. I’ve just had my Eagle Creek ones for YEARS and I love the fact that they are still like new.

  2. I need some good packing cubes in my life. I don’t have any and have never actually used them. I understand the benefits of them though and should give them a shot.

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