If I Buy Marijuana Legally In One State, Can I Fly With It When It's Time To Leave?

*I am not discussing medical marijuana. That is different, medical marijuana requires papers and is a totally different topic. This post is regarding recreational marijuana use only.

No. Absolutely not. No. Never. No.  PLEASE do not make the mistake and think because you have purchased your marijuana in a state that allows you to buy it that you can then get on a plane with your legal marijuana.

If you put it in your carry-on bag, it may be found. If you put it in your checked bag, the drug sniffing dogs that are at the airport may find it. Do not try it because if you are caught you will be immediately arrested and jailed. You will not be able to use the excuse, “But I bought it legally!” when you are trying to take it out of the state you are currently in.

Remember that the TSA is a Federal Agency and there is no federal legal use of marijuana. TSA has the right to detain you if they find marijuana on you. TSA isn’t specifically looking for marijuana, but I don’t want to be the passenger that they find drugs on, that doesn’t sound good to me. TSA has the authority to turn you over to the police. Recreational marijuana is a drug and is absolutely not allowed on the plane.

I am sure people have gotten away with bringing it with them, there are always people that will skirt the law but why try? What happens if you get caught? The consequences for that action wouldn’t be worth it not to mention you would lose the money you paid for the ticket because you absolutely wouldn’t be able to fly. So please, don’t try it. Do not try and fly with your marijuana. It just isn’t worth it.

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  1. Good advice. And for anyone traveling to the Netherlands, even though it’s legal to smoke marijuana in Amsterdam coffee houses, remember to leave it behind when you leave the country, lest you end up in a foreign jail.

      1. And I forgot to mention that Ecuador (where I’m living at the moment) and a few other South American countries have legalized small amounts as well.

        Note to self: Must remember not to pack the coca leaf tea that they sell in the local markets here. Lol … as good as it is for headaches and altitude sickness, it’ll just cause a different kind of headache.

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