5 Ways Teens Can Have A Happy Family Trip

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My family and I at Disney. I didn’t kill anyone and everyone had a great time. But I had my own space.

How To Have A Happy Family Trip

Traveling with your family is wonderful, but it can also have it’s challenges, especially for the kids. These tips are specifically for kids and can help them have a happy family trip.

1. Be responsible with technology

I’m sure many of you want to be on TIkTok, Instagram, and any other social media you love to browse and your parents understand that. However, think about your parents point of view by putting yourself in their shoes.

Let’s say you pay for you and 3 of your friends to travel to a fabulous destination, they don’t have to pay for a thing. The whole time you are there they are constantly on their phones texting away or listening to music and not talking to you. How would you feel?  How you would feel is exactly how your parents would feel and would you want to make them feel that way? Of course not.

So how about talk to your parents before you leave and agree to how long you can be on social media during the day and then stick to it. Keep your phones in your purse during meals so that you can engage with your family. Your parents will appreciate it and they will be happy that you are being so considerate of their feelings.

2. Ask for your own room

Now this one may be a bit tricky. When I travel I love to rent apartments because I find it’s a better value. So, see if you can convince your parents to rent an apartment instead of getting a hotel room. This way, you can probably get your own room, or at least be able to share one with your siblings if you have any.  I think it’s important for everyone to have their own space when they travel and by renting an apartment or a house, you will be able to get away from your family when you need time to yourself.

3. Be in on the decision making process of where you go

It’s kind of hard to get excited about seeing a city that you had no interest in, right? So when your parents start making vacation plans, ask them if you can give your opinion about where the family should go. And when you tell them where you want to go, have some facts to back up your choices.

For instance, what is there to see? Where can you stay? Will they need to change money? If so, what is the exchange rate? How expensive is it to get around the city? Will you be able to use public transportation or have to rent a car? If you have the answers to these questions your parents will see that you are serious about being a part of the family vacation.

4. Bring board/card games

This may not be something you are interested in but I can almost guarantee that your parents will be really happy if you pull out a board game. By doing this you are showing your parents that you want to spend time with them and are interested in the family fun. This also shows your parents that you are taking the initiative to make the vacation better which will always work in your favor.

5. Have your own cash

Being a tween/teen means you probably don’t have access to your own money because you don’t have a job. So, a few months before you will be going on vacation, sit down with your parents and find out what you can do around the house to earn some money.

Can you fix your parents bed? Can you shred papers from the home office? What about washing the car(s)? Take the initiative and have some ideas about what you want to do and also discuss what your parents would like you to do.

This way, your parents will see that you are being responsible and they may be willing to help you find more things around the house to do in order to make your own money.


Are there any suggestions you would give a tween/teen before they go on vacation with their family? If you are a parent, how would you react if your child/children did these 5 suggestions?

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  1. Hi, I’m 11 years old and my family was going on a trip to Disney World! My parents got my siblings and I extremely excited and I told like everyone! Then my parents changed the trip completely to Universal Studios for 2 days and then just looking around Orlando for stuff to do. My dad said they changed it because it was much cheaper, but my mom finally admitted that it was the exact same price. Not only are we going to stay in a crappy hotel instead of a fancy resort with a huge pool with waterslides, an incredible meal plan, transportation to the parks and really nice rooms, but I honestly really don’t want to go to Universal. My dad asked for my siblings and my opinion but didn’t even use it since we all said disney. That’s extremely bad parenting. I’m only eleven so I don’t watch many movies from universal, and I hate all of the more appropriate movies at universal. The trip is in over a month, do you know if that’s enough time to switch? Please help me! I’m so disapointed! 🙁

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