Coffee In Palos Verdes…With Amazing Views!

by Roni


Do you need coffee and are near Palos Verdes?

If you are a coffee fiend like me and need your fix in the morning, This Starbucks in Palos Verdes is a great place to spend some time drinking your cup of Joe while enjoying the Pacific Ocean.

The views are unstructured and it’s not a touristy are at all.  If you visit you can also see a few other local gems that aren’t normally part of the tourist excursions when visiting Los Angeles, Terranea and Trump Golf Course.  The Korean Friendship Bell is about 15 minutes away.

If you don’t want to drive anywhere else you can simply walk a few feet and eat at Yellow Vase Cafe which is in the same parking lot.

Image 1

Have you ever been to Palos Verdes? Do you have a favorite spot for great views? 

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