Times Square Of Accra, Ghana


See these bracelets? I bought them from the gentleman below while walking on Oxford Street. Oxford Street is, as one Ghanaian described it, “The Times Square of Accra.” It’s a long street with all kinds of shops where you can buy everything from bottled water to the latest electronics.

On this street is where I first encountered the persistence of the Ghanaian people. At first my mother and I didn’t want to buy anything but this gentleman kept asking so we stopped and looked at what he had to sell.  We ended up getting 5 of the bracelets and a necklace.

One thing I have learned is that some sellers will say, “I’ll give this to you if you buy that.” then when you say ok they change it to, “Ok, now give me 15 Cedis for this.” After they have said you get it for free. It’s a typical sales tactic that people use all the time and the Ghanaians that I have encountered do it very well.





Women carry their children on their back like this all of the time, this is very typical in Accra. I have got to learn how to do that because it seems like such an easy way to carry a child. And look at the little girls hair! I love it, it’s so pretty.


This guy was very persistent. He followed us from one end of the street to the other trying to get us to buy his bracelets and/or bookmarks. We ended up buying four because he was very nice, persistent, and he had talent. I just can’t get mad at someone who is using skills to make money. We had to go into the grocery store so while we shopped inside he stood outside in the heat and made our bookmarks. He did a lovely job.



It seems as if Oxford Street is always extremely busy, whether it is morning or night. The people here are really hard workers and seem to have a strong work ethic which is evident in the way they are willing to work long, hard hours in the sun. It is extremely hot and muggy here in Accra right now yet people are still out taking care of their business.




Have you ever been to West Africa? Is it someplace you would want to go or are does it not interest you? 

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  1. Wow! It actually reminds me a bit of my homeland of Jamaica including the woman with the large plate of goods perfectly balanced on her head! Hard workers who take little for granted. Glad you are having an amazing experience! Luv the pics!

    1. You are so right, hard workers who take little for granted. The people I have met seem so warm and I am amazed daily at the resilience of the people. More pics to come!

  2. Africa is on my list of places to go with my family; I feel like as Black people we owe it to ourselves to go there and learn at least a little bit about our origin. I have friends who are from Ghana, and have heard beautiful things about the scenery in certain areas – I can’t wait to visit.

    1. I agree. There is so much history here, as unfortunate and sad as it is. But there is also lots of strength and beauty here amidst the poverty.

  3. Photos do remind me of Jamaica and other places we have visited; Dominican Republic & Haiti-the feel of these places just does not appeal. I would love to visit the Missionary home and spend time with our brothers & sisters in Ghana. ‘Vacationing’ and enjoying the beach are activities we would go to in Hawaii, Cabo or more resort type areas of Caribbean. ,

    1. I like those places as well but I also enjoy being in places that aren’t typical vacation spots for most. The people here are so kind and loving and there are plenty of five star resorts to enjoy. Places like this always teach me something and help me appreciate what I have so I would recommend everyone vacation somewhere that is different than their norm.

  4. Wow! That guy is really talented to weave your name into it so fast! Beautiful photos by the way – Ghana is high on my list of places to visit 😀 I also want some of those beads at the top; I know Ghanians who wear them and I love them 😀

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