Welcome To Ghana!


Thankfully I was able to get this picture uploaded, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. This is on the wall directly after you pass through customs in Accra, Ghana. In all of my travels I have never seen a sign like this upon entering the country, have you?


Is this sign a good thing or do you think it’s too much?


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    1. I Love it cousin! No excuses! You go to Ghana with any of that on your mind, you darn sure better be ready for the consequences. .

  1. I lived in Accra for a year and a half and this was the most depressing part any time I came back to town. The “other sexual deviants” comment is a veiled way to say “We are not tolerant of gay people” – as so many other countries have recently made clear that they think of their own LGBT citizens as nothing more than pedophiles (Russia), prostitutes (Uganda), etc. I never believed this sign had anything to do with pedophilia. That makes it not at all “welcoming” in my eyes.

    Although Ghanaian men are not afraid to sing along with Shakira or hold hands with each other on the street (either of which would be seen as “totally gay” in North America), any hint at queerness brings up disgust. One thing I don’t miss about Ghana is those attitudes.

    Now, all that badness behind me, go enjoy the pineapples, plantains and mangoes!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. When I saw the sign I had a feeling they were talking about gay people. And you better believe I am SO enjoying the mangoes! I can’t believe how sweet they are!

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