Beautiful Children Of Ghana


I’m back home now and trying to get my body accustomed to East Coast time. I’ve been pretty tired but I’m resting and taking it easy (well, except for yesterday when I flew to New York for a conference but I’ll tell you about that later).

Anyway, here are the pictures I promised you last week of some of the lovely children I came across while I was in Ghana. I don’t have any children of my own but kids always make me smile and fill my heart with joy so when I travel it’s always nice to see children going about their business in their environment.






When you travel what are some of your favorite things to take pictures of?

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  1. The first child makes me think of Michael. He doesn’t look like him but that intelligence reminds me of him. He also seems to be mischievous like Michael was as a child.

  2. That little girl in the 4th picture is so cute! I like to take pics of everything then go back to my camera and see what I like the most. I can’t afford to travel abroad yet but you’ve inspired me to take start with some staycations.

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