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These pictures are from my airbnb apartment rental in Houston, Texas.  I had to fly down to Texas in order to get my visa for Ghana. Oh, are you wondering why I had to fly to Texas for that? Because I had always planned to fly there and get it done because I didn’t want to send the paperwork in, I wanted to do it in person (flight benefits…seriously the best thing).

Anyway, I spent one night in Houston and was overwhelmingly pleased with my apartment. I paid $60 for one night and ended up with this fabulous loft that was unlike any apartment I had ever stayed in.

 The first 5 pictures below are of the lobby, it’s also an art gallery! There are paintings all over and benches in front of the walls so you can sit and take it all in if you wish. And one of the best features was the fact that there was gourmet coffee in the lobby…that was FREE! So I could get my coffee in the morning by simply going downstairs and pushing a couple of buttons.  The rest of the pictures are of the apartment.

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The owner had stuff everywhere yet it wasn’t cluttered or messy. He is clearly a lover of art because his apartment has lovely art touches all over and your eyes never get bored with things to see. I felt instantly at home and was a bit sad I could only stay one night.



It was all one room with the perfect amount of space.  The only drawback to it was I wasn’t expecting the train in the afternoon which woke me up out of a lovely nap. This apartment is in the part of town that is being rejuvenated and there is a loud train that passes through the area and the apartment is also near a bus station.

These aren’t bad things but things you should know if you decide to choose this apartment. I would suggest getting earplugs if the train would bother you. I would imagine that after a day or so you wouldn’t even notice it.

The owner, Alan, was super easy to deal with. We communicated by text messaging and he always immediately responded when I had a question.





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Have you ever stayed in an airbnb apartment? Do you like apartment rentals or do you prefer hotels? 

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