Sleeping In An Airport? NEVER On The Floor!

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This is very nasty. Have you done this? Please don’t do this again. The carpets in airports are very rarely cleaned. Every single day there are thousands of people that are walking in an airport. THOUSANDS. From all over the world and you have no idea what is on the bottom of their shoes.

When I see people laying on the floor I always want to walk over to them and say, “GET UP! PLEASE! THAT FLOOR IS BEYOND GROSS!” It’s not just passengers, as baggage handlers we are outside in the elements walking through mud, grease, oil, and all kinds of crap on the ramp that get into our shoes.

Then we walk on the carpet and floors that these people are sleeping on. If you positively have to sleep on the floor, please put a blanket underneath you so there is a barrier between you and the filthy carpet/floor.


Have you had to sleep at an airport?

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