5 Reasons Dollar Tree Is Perfect For Travel!



Did you know you can get all kinds of fab travel goodies for your kids at Dollar Tree? While I have no children I am often with my nieces and nephews and the other day I took Chloe (pictured above) to Dollar Tree to pick out some goodies for her.

I often come here before I take a trip and get things for myself. When I take trips with them I come here to purchase toys, books and such because it’s the perfect place to buy goodies. Here are 5 reasons Dollar Tree is perfect for travel products! 

  1. The toys are frugal
  2. the selection constantly changes
  3. The products are not cheap
  4. You can let your kids sho[ with ease
  5. Your kids will love the toys

1. The toys are frugal

  • When traveling with kids people have to be so careful about the toys because they are usually so valuable. If you buy toys from Dollar Tree you won’t care if they get lost or damaged as everything is one dollar. 

2. The selection constantly changes

  • because they get new inventory often, you will get a different selection of toys every time you shop.
Check out these cute face towels! These are always needed when traveling and at $1 who couldn’t resist?

3. The products are not cheap.

  • Frugal doesn’t equal cheap. The toys you can get at Dollar Tree aren’t expensive nor are they low quality.  


4. You can let your kids shop with ease.

  • Because everything is $1, you won’t have any fear of them picking up toys on their own and putting them in your basket.



5. Your kids will love the toys! 

  • From books to toys your kids will have a surplus of selection and be genuinely happy with your purchases.
Chloe holding her toy bag filled with toys from Dollar Tree!

Remember, liquids must be less than 3.4 ounces to take in your carry-on and if you’re taking liquids (they sell bubbles!) and putting them in your checked luggage be sure to wrap them in a plastic bag so they won’t get on everything if they happen to burst. There are so many wonderful items to be found and taken with you on your next trip! 

Have you been to Dollar Tree? Is there one in your neighborhood?

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