5 Reasons LEGOS are great for travel!


Do you travel with kids? Even though I’m an only child I often spend time with and travel with children. I’ve learned a few things about what is great to take with me when I travel with them and LEGOS are at the top of the list. Here are 5 reasons LEGOS are great for travel

1. They are easy to pack

  • You can put LEGOS in a Ziplock bag and keep them in your carry-on bag or pack them in your suitcase. Either way it’s easy!


2. Kids love them

  • It seems as if LEGOS are that universal toy that all children like. You can buy them for different ages and each child can entertain themselves with age appropriate activities.

3. They are educational 

  • Now don’t let your kids know this but when they follow the directions they are learning. Putting together the different colors and shapes helps spark their creativity. 


4. Each child can have their own set

  • If you are traveling with multiple children you can give each of them their own bag filled with their favorite LEGOS and each child will be happy with their choices!

5. They won’t break your bank! 

  • LEGOS are reasonable priced and you can find them in almost any store across America and abroad. No matter your budget you can find something that works for you, and you can even split a box of legos between kids to save money. 



Have you ever traveled with LEGOS?

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