Visiting Bali: What You Need To Know

Bali Basics

I have never been to Bali but it’s definitely somewhere I want to visit. Thankfully Allison, my guest blogger today, has been there and she has a litany of information for you. Click here to find out all of the pertinent details about what to expect from Bali. Isn’t it great that someone has done all the research so that visiting Bali can be easy for you? Her post will help you figure so many things out!


Have you been to Bali? Is it a country you’re interested in? 

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  1. Yes!
    I have been to Bali and LOVED it there!
    It’s an island of daily festivals and smiles all around.
    I experienced three different “personalities” on a month-long visit.
    Sanur is the easy-going, chillax side of the of the island with many beautiful beach houses on the calm waters for snorkeling and diving.
    Kuta/Seminyak is more of party-central filled with dance clubs and surfers from around the world. The waters on that side are rough and a bit scary for the non-surfer, like me.
    Ubud, in the mountains, is the artsy area of the island, where island culture reigns supreme over the beachy areas. Lots of fabulous art there, wonderful cuisine and the friendliest people on earth. I experienced my first cock-fight in Ubud.
    There are backpacking and mountain biking activities as well.

    If you’re staying for a few weeks like I did, of course you may do them all. However, if your time there is limited, consider carefully whether your interest is sports, nightlife, chillaxing or culture and plan your accommodations accordingly.


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