Packing cubes are awesome. I can’t imagine traveling without them because they make my life with a carryon so much easier. These packing cubes contain all the clothes I needed for my two week trip to Dublin and Bratislava. I packed:

2 pairs of pants

3 skirts

2 pairs of shoes

1 pair of boots

7 shirts

1 night outfit



Clearly I don’t have my boots in these packing cubes but all of the clothes are here.  My shirts were in the red one and my pants and skirts were in the black one. Socks and things in the square green one and the long green on on the left. Having the cubes keeps everything in order and I don’t have to look for anything. I know where everything is at all times and it really makes things simple. I have the same packing cubes I have had for 10 years, they are by Eagle Creek and they are wonderful.  I have several different packing cubes and I use them for every trip I take.

Have you ever tried packing cubes? How do you keep your things organized when you travel?


Day 5 of #NaBloPoMo! Are you participating?

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