Do You Handle Change Well When You Travel?

So at this very moment I am writing this from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) as I am waiting for a flight to Northern California. I arrived in Southern California last night and had planned on being here for a few days to see my dad. Well, I called my dad this morning to see what he was up to and guess what? He was on his way to Northern California to see our family.

You should know that my dad isn’t a traveler. He thinks the fact that I travel all over the world is wonderful but it isn’t something he would do at all. He loves to work, his work is his play and nothing makes him happier than to be in his office so of course I figured he would be where he always is, at his office. Well, I guess I was wrong. So, now I’m at the gate hoping I get on this flight so I can go see him and the rest of my Northern California family. I’m telling you this so you can learn from my mistakes. This isn’t a big deal to me because I have the ability to change my plans on a moments notice. But what if I didn’t? So here is the takeaway:


1. Unless you are absolutely certain (as I just knew I was) that the person/people you are visiting are going to be home, do not surprise them.

2. If your plans suddenly change, be open to the possibilities that change can bring and don’t get stuck in the thought, “But that isn’t what I wanted to do!” because that won’t help you adapt to the situation. Life is filled with changes and the better you can deal with them the better your life will be.

So thankfully they just called my name off the standby list (YIPEE!) so I’m on my way to Northern Cali to visit my dad and his side of the family. I hadn’t planned on this but I’m happy. Happy that my family is healthy, happy that my dad is still able to get in the car and drive 6 hours with no issues, and happy that I get to spend a couple of days with the other side of my family. This wasn’t planned but that’s ok because it all worked out and in the end, isn’t that what is important?

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  1. I’m not always good with change of plans but my daughter on her very first flight by herself (she was 13) was bumped. She was supposed to fly into Hartford and they ended up re-routing her in through Newark hours later, getting in at like 1 in the morning. I was extremely stressed out, but she took the whole thing in stride!

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