Things To Do In San Antonio – River Cruise


Thanks to the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau I was able to take a Rio San Antonio Cruise which I highly recommend you doing if you visit the city.  It’s the perfect way to get a different perspective of the city in serene surroundings. It’s such a calming experience with all of the greenery and the sounds of the water around you.

The cruise goes at a slow pace which allows you to take in both sides of the river. The guide gives you all kinds of interesting information about the city and the buildings you are looking at. The Riverwalk has lots of shops, hotels, and restaurants along its banks and is the only cruise that actually goes through a mall.


These 5 bells represent the 5 missions that were build along the river.









The building below is the Tower Life Building which has eight sides and is 30 stories high. You get to see if from a completely different viewpoint when you take the cruise.


 There is some beautiful architecture in San Antonio and you get to see many of the details on buildings while on your boat.


Did you know you can eat in a riverboat on the river? There are restaurants that have boats with tables, all you have to do is reserve a table and you can eat on a boat!





Have you ever taken a riverboat cruise?



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