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There are plenty of luxury vacation apartment rentals in Cape Town and this one is superb.

I stayed here in February 2017 for two weeks and it was fabulous! The apartment was on the top floor of a 5 story building in the lovely area of Sea Point (which is one of the best areas to stay while in Cape Town). This rental was between Main Road and High Level Road and I was able to walk down to Main Road in less than 5 minutes.

It’s a fully secured building which required a key to open the gate surrounding the apartment complex and a key required to open the door of the building. The apartment is also secured by a locked gate and door, and the apartment has an alarm. And guess what? If you have a car you are given a parking space!

I wasn’t able to capture all of the light that was constantly in the apartment but PLEASE trust me when I tell you that this apartment is completely luminous. It looks the exact same as it does on the pics on AirBnb. There is only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom so if you are two people traveling and aren’t a couple, you would be sharing a bed.

The pic looks dark but I promise you, this room got SO much light! I simply couldn’t capture it with my camera.

From each room you get amazing views. I was able to see Lion’s Head (see below) from the kitchen and when I sat on the balcony in the evenings I would watch the sunset.

It’s an open concept apartment and the kitchen doesn’t have any doors. The kitchen isn’t fully stocked. There was no coffee maker or toaster and I had to buy kitchen sponges and dish washing liquid. If you’re a coffee fiend like I am then you will be happy to know there are several cafes within short walking distance.


Pic from AirBnB

It’s extremely hot in February so it wasn’t always possible to sit on the balcony but when it was possible it was the best place to sit! The balcony is narrow and small but still a fab place to sit and enjoy the views.

There was a fan in the bedroom which was perfection because it was very hot. Not having air conditioning wasn’t an issue because the apartment was in direct path of extreme wind. All I had to do was open the windows and the cool breeze would take away the heat. NOTE: the apartment gets EXTREMELY windy as the wind blows hard. 

So how much for this treasure? It was $120 a night and worth every single penny. Is this your kind of place? If so, click here for the link 


Have you been to Cape Town? Is this the kind of apartment you’d like to stay in? 

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