Fancy snacks in a 5 star hotel

We decided to have one flashy meal in Moscow and St. Petersburg and since we both wanted to try caviar, we decided on The Kandinsky Bar in Hotel Astoria while in St. Petersburg.

The lounge was lovely, one of those places you feel you need to talk in low tones so as not to disturb anyone. The chairs were cushy and comfy and the drinks were deliciously strong. I’m normally not a big fan of caviar but I have heard about Russian caviar all my life so I figured I had to try it.

Check out the name of the second drink. I thought that was pretty funny…get it?

Have you eaten caviar? It’s a bit squishy in your mouth but it’s yummy.

We ordered two, one sweet and one savory. This one came with chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and we couldn’t figure out what the white sauce was.


This was a pretty cool experience, we loved just sitting there chatting while eating and drinking. The service was good and so was the food so it was a win/win situation. Caviar isn’t something I need to eat everyday but hey, while on vacation, why not?

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  1. Sorry, but the caviar looks like the fish eggs daddy would put on his fishing pole!

    You have a very expansive palate..that is why you are a good traveler!

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