I want you to understand how packed this bus was that we were on today so you would know why we were standing right in front of the bus.  You know where the bus driver takes your money? We were standing right in that area between the driver and the front door.

So we were in Cannes for the day which I was going to tell you about but what happened on the bus heading back to Nice was too good to not share right away.

I’m standing in the front of the bus and of course I’m snapping pictures. We get to a round about and our driver was wrong, he was supposed to yield but I guess he figured he was bigger so he could do what he wanted, so he did. See the white truck coming? Boy oh boy…

So the white truck doesn’t stop until he gets in front of our bus. Then he backs up. Can you see him in his truck? They had already started shouting at each other at this point.

So of course I have my camera out and ready to go so I start snapping away. This guy gets out of his car and the words are flying back and forth in French. I won’t tell you what they were saying but just think about the worst curse words you can say to another person in your language, then add about 10 more. Then you may get a sense of some of the vile words coming out of their mouths (although it didn’t sound as bad in French).

So this guy is seriously screaming at this point and is walking towards the bus.

And the curse-fest continued. At this point I wish I didn’t speak French because my goodness…they were going at it.

Look at how close their faces were! At this point the driver is telling him to either get back in his car or come in the bus and fight him because now they are telling each other they will knock each other out.

The guy walks around and I didn’t realize that the bus driver had opened the door. Well, we are standing right next to the door so when I see the door open, I put away my camera and walk towards the back because at that point I have no idea what’s about to jump off. I’m from Los Angeles, people will shoot in a minute so my first instinct is to get outta dodge.

The guy didn’t get on the bus, hallelujah! Because once that door opened, I was a bit concerned. We had an extra full bus, it was hot, and tempers were flying. Thank goodness he had sense to stay off. So the guy got in his truck and then drove away.


We had been talking to the driver from the time we got on the bus, just laughing and having fun so when the drama was over we asked if that happened often and he said it did. Wow. What a crazy bus ride, right?

Have you ever had a similar experience while traveling?

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  1. Wow I cannot believe that. The guy getting out of his car and everything in the middle of traffic.. He was kinda cute, though.. 😉 LOL

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