Has Your Carry On Bag Ever Looked Like This?

Since I started carrying packing cubes, I haven’t had any issues keeping things organized so when I see someone that isn’t organized, I want to help. I took these shots  while I was waiting for my flight from Houston back to Charlotte (on the sly, of course).

Image 17

Image 18

 I saw this woman opening her carry on bag and I saw all of her stuff which is why they are a little blurry, I couldn’t take to long to snap the pics but I think you get the idea.

(my phone was almost dead so it was plugged into the wall which meant I had to maneuver this pic at a weird angle that would have made me look like a stalker had I taken any longer to take these pics)

 Things were crammed in her carry on bag and they were all over the place and she spent several minutes looking for what she wanted.

Had she used packing cubes or packing folders she wouldn’t be having this problem. They are simple to use and truly make your life much easier when you travel. I use both eBags and Eagle Creek and they both work very well.


Have you ever used packing cubes or folders? Do your bags get messy when you travel? 

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