Fabric District In Los Angeles, California

Did you know there was a fabric district in Los Angeles? Well, there is and it’s pretty fabulous. You have several blocks of nothing but fabric from low budget to very high end and everything in-between. It’s in Downtown Los Angeles off of Wall and 9th streets in the Fashion District and if you are in the vicinity and need fabric, this is the place to come.

I have been coming here since I was a kid because my mom has made my dresses since I can remember. I don’t think I’ve told you this but my mother is an incredible seamstress. She makes wedding dresses and every time I have somewhere to go and I need a dress, she makes it for me so coming downtown to get fabric has been an integral part of my life.

Sewing is such an art, and when you have that talent or have someone that can do it for you it’s such a wonderful gift.  And it’s not just fabric for clothes, I bought the fabric for all the drapes in my house, my mom got the fabric for my silk bedspread (yeah baby!) and I am currently shopping for upholstery fabric for my couches. You can get all types of fabric in this area of town.








Is there a fabric district where you live? 

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    1. Yes, prices are excellent, even for the high end stuff when you consider how much it costs to buy something already made. My mom sewed for the family and a few friends but not so much anymore, I’m the only one who gets custom made dresses, drapes, bedspreads and such now!

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