View of Downtown Los Angeles – Westin Bonaventure Hotel



If you ever want to see a great view while you’re in Downtown Los Angeles, feel free to head to The Westin Bonaventure Hotel. I walked into the hotel today and took one of the glass elevators up to the 32nd floor. I think there are 35 floors but I couldn’t bear to go up to the top because I am terrified of heights. I got a picture of the elevator and a bit of the view but that’s all I was able to get since I was basically glued into the corner with sweat dripping off of me. Yeah, it was a pretty picture.

However, this is a cool hotel to visit because there are several elevator towers you can ride and get a different view. You can also sit in one of the many seating areas in the lobby and chill or get something to eat in one of the many eateries. It’s a cool place to see Downtown Los Angeles from a different perspective.










Are you scared of heights? Can you ride in glass elevators? 

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