Ways To Cover Your Child's Car Seat While You Travel

Since I wrote a previous post about how you shouldn’t travel with your car seat, I thought I would show you some examples of how you could possible cover your child’s car seat when you are traveling. In the picture above the parents have covered the car seat with a trash bag. This seems to work very well as many trash bags are very durable. And since most people have trash bags in their home, this isn’t something you will have to go and buy, it is probably already  in your cabinet.

The one below is the more expensive option. This car seat cover has been purchased and totally covers the car seat. There is a zipper on this cover and the car seat is totally secure. These can be a bit more expensive but worth it if you will be traveling often with your child.

A big plastic bag can also be used to cover your car seat. I think this is the least effective one because if you look on the left hand side of the picture, part of the plastic has come off. The parents simply wrapped a large piece of plastic around the car seat and tied it off at the end. However, this is still better than letting the car seat be exposed to all of the dirt and filth found on a conveyer belt.

Whatever method you choose, please make sure and cover your car seat, it’s worth the effort.


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