travel coloring pages

Travel Coloring Pages For The Whole Family!

travel coloring pages

Do you color? You may be thinking that travel coloring pages are only for kids, but they aren’t! Tons of adults color for many different reasons, and one great reason is because coloring is fun!

Travel Coloring Pages Are For Everyone!

Travel coloring pages are easy, fun, and practical. Each page is only $1.45 and in an instant you can color different scenes any way you’d like. There are currently 6 different travel scenes to choose from, with varying levels of detail. One of the wonderful things about these coloring pages is that you can print out multiple copies and color them differently each time!

When you finish coloring your sheet, please use #TravelGurusColor when posting on social media. Check out how Chef Kimberly and her children colored in the dad and son coloring sheet!

travel coloring pages


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Anxiety Coloring Books

Are you a travel lover but are now grounded because of COVID-19? We all find ourselves not being able to travel the way we want, at least for the time being. And on top of not being able to travel, we are dealing with stress and anxiety in new ways. This is where coloring comes in.

How does coloring help? Well, coloring is a way that many find helps alleviate stressful situations. While these aren’t specifically anxiety coloring books, they can be used to reduce stress.

Being able to focus on the intricate patterns and designs contained in these travel coloring pages is a way to shift your focus. Shifting our focus to something positive is necessary. And it’s fun!

These pages are all based on stickers which you can check out here.

Which scenes will you be coloring? Don’t forget to use #TravelGurusColor when you finish your masterpiece!

Even though we can’t travel, there is nothing wrong with reading about it! These travel planning tips are extremely helpful. 

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