Have You Ever Seen Cute Sticky Notes That Look Like This?

by Roni

cute sticky notes

Are you still writing on plain sticky notes? Why? There is no longer any need to write on anything that isn’t pretty, and these cute sticky notes are just what you need. Whether you are traveling or not, a sticky note is something everyone can use at any time of the day.


As you know, I’ve been traveling for over 30 years. However, since the pandemic took over our lives, pivoting became needed for everyone. One way that manifested in my life was by focusing on my Etsy store and creating products that would appeal to my customers. One of those things that resulted from pivoting was the creation of cute sticky notes that focus on the beauty and diversity of Black women.

Why is that important? Because diversity is essential, even in something as small as something to write notes on. Seeing yourself represented in your daily life is needed, especially when you live in a society that constantly tells you that your skin color, hair, and your whole existence is inconsequential.

cute sticky notes



Are you looking for gifts? What about something different that the girls/women in your life would really appreciate? Wouldn’t sticky notes be perfect? Most people probably don’t think about getting these as gifts, but have you ever seen cute sticky notes for her that are this pretty? At $3 each and free shipping, they are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up someone’s day.

There are several different images to choose from, with a variety of hair styles, skin color, and ages. The images have been created with care and each image shows Black femininity in a different light.


cute sticky notes


Not only do we carry sticky notes, but we also have note pads! These note pads are 4×6 and come with 50 or 100 sheets. One of our pads have “Queen Vibes” written on the bottom, and the other has a scene I designed in Canva (see image below). I also teach classes on how to design in Canva, click here to find out how you can get your instant download. 

We are adding more selections monthly. What would you like to see on a cute note?

cute sticky notes

Isn’t this pretty? I designed this in Canva. A much lighter version of this is on one of the notepads.


Do you use sticky notes?

Have you ever used any that had beautiful images on them? 


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