The French Do Everything With Style–Even Their Charging Stations

Look at the top of this pic where it says, ‘Rechargez vos batteries!’. That’s French for Charging Station. But this charging station is like no other. Do you see the guy sitting on the right and he’s pedaling? Well, in order to charge your phone you have to pedal! Isn’t that cool? Stationary bikes that charge your phone. AWESOME.

I shot this when I was at the CDG (Charles De Gaulle) airport in Paris waiting for my train. Did you know there is a train station attached to the airport? Well you do now! Anyway, there is a huge waiting area and I was walking around taking pictures as I always do and I saw this. Can you see the gentleman has his phone in his hand? I have never seen anything like this before and I thought, the French are so cool.

Have you see anything like this before?

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