Don’t Be An Idiot And Only Share Toxic Images From Africa

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Do You Love Sharing Disturbing Images From Africa?

Well, do you? One image from Africa that I’m tired of seeing is starving children. So many writers and bloggers always focus on the poverty in Africa. All you ever see out of Africa is children that don’t have enough energy to wipe the flies from their faces.

Does that exist? Of course. There is poverty everywhere. According to the website No Kid Hungry, over 11 million children in America go without enough food every single day. And this statistic was before the Corona Virus completely invaded our lives.

I am sure if you go into your city, you will see homeless people and/or someone begging for money at a freeway off-ramp or at a stop light. Most countries have some type of homeless and hunger problem.

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Ghanian School Children

When I traveled to Ghana, I knew I wanted to capture images that people didn’t normally get to see. It is important that we have visuals that represent some of the beauty that is found on the continent, and what is better than seeing well-groomed and healthy kids being educated?

If you are thinking about traveling to Africa, here are 5 things you need to know. 

Ghana, like most African countries, is filled with children in bright uniforms according to the school they attend. In Accra, you will see them all around the city. These children aren’t crying and pathetic. These children are happy, vibrant, and thriving.

You may wonder why all of the girls have their heads shaved. In many African counties, it is a requirement for girls to have their heads shaved when attending public school. Find out why shaved heads are mandatory here.


Beautiful Children All Around You In Africa

Don’t the children look neat? Aren’t the colors vibrant? It’s shameful that we don’t get to see more images like this when we read about Africa. Each country on the continent has so much to offer, and all children Africa are not starving. They are not in need of saving, and they are not all destitute.

Even if the family cannot send their kid to school (families must pay fees to enroll their children in school), most kids are clean and well cared for. They may not have all of the things we as Americans deem necessary for happiness, but most have families that love them, food to eat, and a place to lay their head at night.

Are there children in Africa that are starving? Of course there are. But that is not the only story to be told. Children are starving all over the planet and Africa is no exception. However, when only one narrative is being told, that is dangerous and disingenuous. No one says it better than Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her TED Talk. She’s magnificent.  IMG_3645

If your travels take you to Africa, please do not litter your social media with images of ugliness. It is so easy to find the beauty when you visit Africa, as it is all around you. Take in the understated elegance and the grace you will see around you. Focus on the liveliness and happiness you will see all around you. Share those images. Share the joy.

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