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5 Ways To Stay Stress Free During Holiday Travel

One thing about working at an airport, I tend to see all kinds of craziness. I have seen a grown man have a temper tantrum, a woman not allowed to board a flight because she … [Read More...]

A Mother’s Love And A Move Abroad…Revisited!

          Do you remember Elmeka? She was featured back in June as she was planning her move to Cambodia with her son Chris. I caught … [Read More...]

An Gang Beach In Vietnam

Did you know there were beautiful beaches in Vietnam? The beach may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Vietnam but as you know I LOVE the ocean and I was so … [Read More...]

Planning Your Trip

Do You Know About STEP?

How To Use An Overseas Airline When You Travel

I’m still having computer issues so here is another oldie but goodie. The info is still relevant and I hope it helps you! Since I’m going to be in Dublin for TBEX in October I figured why not hop on over to another European country while I was there.  I am familiar with Ryanair and […]

5 Ways I Afford To Travel

These 5 things aren’t earth shattering discoveries, they are simple things I do in my everyday life in order to save money. I have found that if I do a bunch of little things I save money automatically. I hope these can help you think of some ways you can make the same changes in […]

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Roni’s Reasons

5 Ways To Stay Stress Free During Holiday Travel

A Mother’s Love And A Move Abroad…Revisited!

          Was housing included in your offer? The school doesn’t provide housing, but they offer a great stipend for housing and also includes transit and a dependent stipend. We were also connected with a realtor to help find an apartment that worked for our specific needs and the school helped with […]

An Gang Beach In Vietnam

The water was warm, clear and refreshing. We brought our own towels from our hotel (which I will tell you about later, our hotel was all kinds of fab). We took a taxi there and back, taxis are prevalent and you won’t have to worry about trying to find one. Have you had fresh coconut […]

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