Walking On Torrance Beach

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I love fresh air, don’t you? It’s so nice to be able to walk on the beach while taking in the ocean breeze. I travel back to Los Angeles every few weeks now to see my parents and when I do I make sure I get a chance to walk along the ocean. It’s a great way to exercise without having to go to a gym and there is nothing like hearing the ocean crashing against the shore.

I took these pictures around 9am as I was walking on the sand. Have you ever walked briskly on the sand? What an excellent workout. You may be wondering why I didn’t get into the water. Well, the ocean is beautiful but this portion of the Pacific Ocean is cold. And I do not like cold ocean water so I simply look at it but there is no way I would go in it. And it’s not the cleanest water (I think going to beaches around the world has spoiled me!) so I enjoy it from afar.

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When I am home in Charlotte, I normally workout at the gym but when I travel, I have to still try and stay fit so I have to do other things. Walking on the beach is a wonderful way to get my cardio in while taking in the beauty of the surroundings.


What do you do to exercise while you travel? Or is it not something you worry about?

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  1. when i travelled for work i always stayed at hotels that had a decent gym. Now that I’ve become more serious about my running wherever I travel I take my sneakers and try to get a jog in keeping in mind safety of course.

  2. Ok, so you are in my neck of the woods here. I love this beach. I used to live in Torrance and would run this beach and the stairs here almost every day. It is such a quiet peaceful beach. I usually don’t think about exercise when I travel, but I tend to go places that involve hiking and lots of walking anway.

    1. I grew up not far from that beach and even though I don’t get in the water, I love walking on the shore. It was very quiet and peaceful, just what I need in the mornings!

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