View From Eiffel Tower

I’ve noticed that people always have pictures of the Eiffel Tower, but I don’t really see pictures from the Eiffel Tower. I took all of these when I was on the first level. I have probably been to The Eiffel Tower at least 30 times yet I have NEVER been to the very top because I’m terrified of heights.  The grassy area above is Champs de Mars and the tower you see in the background is Montparnasse.

That is the Seine river above and below.

This shot below was taken as I was riding in the elevator on my way up to the first level. Did you know there is a restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower called Jules Verne? It’s pricey, lunch for one person will cost you way over $200. And there was a post office on the first level where many tourists would post their letters because then your letter would be postmarked with ‘Eiffel Tower’. That post office is now closed.

Have you been to The Eiffel Tower? Did you go to the very top?

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