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 Have you ever taken a vegetarian cooking class? I hadn’t until I was invited to participate in Chef Alyssa’s Cooking Class. What a great way to spend an evening! Chef Alyssa is very hands on with her cooking, she demonstrates how to do everything step by step so there is no confusion as to what you have to do.

See the mirror above her? Because of the mirror you don’t have to strain to see, you can just look in the mirror if you can’t see what’s she’s doing. And she wears a microphone which helps so much cause she doesn’t have to shout and you don’t have to strain to hear her.


This was the menu from last night. Oh. My. Goodness. You guys. Seriously, it was so good!


When I saw the menu a part of me was a bit skeptical to think we could make all of this and that it would turn out well but I was wrong (that’s the first time. hee hee). Not only did we get everything done the meal was amazing. And you get to take the menu home with you so you can re-create it. There is also space in your menu to take notes because Chef Alyssa gives tips along the way. For instance, did you know you can peel ginger with a spoon? I didn’t!




We started the class with a soup that was prepared for us.  Carrot soup with sautéed swiss chard. It was very tasty and a perfect way to start the class.




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The class is 2 1/2 hours which sounds like lots of time but because Chef Alyssa shows the class how to do really involved yet easy meals the time goes by quickly. She does a great job of seeing to each table, even coming over and helping when she sees something that isn’t quite right. But she doesn’t do it in a, “Let me take control because you’re stupid” type of way. It’s more of a, “Here let me guide you slightly and help you learn how to do it.” She’s very kind and a good teacher.


 Have you ever made bok choy? I hadn’t until last night but it was so good and very easy. I see this becoming something I start to cook often.





You work at a table of 4 so you aren’t doing everything alone. You are able to be hands on but the cooking is shared between the 4 people at your table. You are supplied with all of the utensils, pots, and pans. You don’t have to worry about anything. And you can drink your wine or beer while you’re cooking! They even have hand sanitizer at each table.

2015-04-17 12.45.36



And the best part of the whole night is we got to eat what we made! There are tables set up and you can sit where you want. That’s my plate at the bottom of the pic. I wasn’t banished to the end but since I’m left handed I normally choose to sit at the end so I don’t hit anybody with my elbows. Oh, you can bring your won beer and wine! Guess which one I brought?



There are more than vegetarian classes of course, I just chose this one since I stopped eating meat after India (check out what I didn’t eat here). See what they have to offer and add a cooking class by Chef Alyssa to your calendar. You won’t regret it!




  1. I’m kinda jealous! I love to cook, and I need to find healthier but oh-so-easy ways to make a good meal. Tempted to join Chef Alyssa! Great article.

  2. Although I’m a meat eater, everything looks very tasty! I love her setup with the mirror so nobody misses anything, genius. Look like it was a great course

  3. Okay this post made me hungry and I am not vegetarian. Interesting because you think of BBQ in places like Charlotte but this food looked excellent. I loved the bok choy and noodles. Yum!


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