Traveling With Pets Can Be Easy! -BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! $5.00!


Are you a pet parent? Pet parents are becoming frequent flyers on airlines all around the world. While flying isn’t the most ideal way of transportation for your pet, traveling with pets can be easy and doesn’t have to be stressful.  The purpose of this download is to give pet parents helpful and practical information that can make traveling with their pet easier, and by implementing these tips, it will make pets more comfortable while they travel.

Here are a few tips you get with this 26 page guide that help traveling with pets be easier:

Make sure your crate has enough room for your pet to move around comfortably. Just because a dog or cat may be small doesn’t mean their crate should be. Give them enough room to be comfortable as they may be in this crate for some time.

Your pet can get their nails caught on different parts of the crate so make sure to trim their nails before flight.

whether traveling in or out of the U.S, make sure to have the proper documentation and recommended shots for your pet. You do NOT want to get to your destination and find your animal can’t enter the country because of a lack of proper documents.

And did you know these are a few questions you should ask:

Where will my animal be during a layover?

What happens if my plane is delayed, where will my pet go?

What happens if my pet doesn’t make the connecting flight?

These are just a small sample of what you get with your $9.95. You also get the pet travel policies from United, Delta, American, Southwest and Jet Blue…all in one place! Click the pic below and you’ll be taken to PayPal and once you pay $5.00, you’ll get your instant download. 



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