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Traveling With Credit Cards


Traveling with credit cards doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. It’s actually pretty simple: Your credit card belongs in your wallet, NEVER in your checked bag.

I am constantly amazed at what I see at the airport. I have seen credit cards fall out of checked bags, credit cards in the side of pockets and the pockets have opened but today was the first time seeing this.  This was a checked bag and the credit card was in the mesh side pocket.


My colleagues and I were perplexed because we couldn’t believe someone would put their credit card on the side of a bag, let alone on the side of a meshed bag. DO NOT EVER DO THIS. Seriously, this makes absolutely no sense.

This is ludicrous and there is absolutely no reason to ever put your CC in your checked bag this way. EVER. Clearly this is an issue because I constantly see people packing important things on the side of their checked bags.

 I don’t want you to be the victim of someone’s dishonesty, credit card fraud is real. It would have been so easy for me  to have taken that card, no one would have known.  I could have caused this person major damage and let’s hope that anyone else that comes in contact with this bag will be honest and not be tempted to steal it.

Think about this: what if someone stolen this card? The card holder wouldn’t know until he picked up his bag in baggage claim which could be hours from the time he checked his bag. By that time, thousands of dollars could have been charged on this card. And what if this passenger was going out of the country? Have you ever tried to deal with getting a new credit card in another country? It’s a hassle and not fun. So please, save yourself the stress and pack wisely.

When you travel, PLEASE do not put your CC in your checked bag at all, but especially not in the side pocket.

traveling with credit cards

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  1. Girl this is crazy I can’t believe they do that. Like seriously? As a victim of identity theft from LONDON of all places, this is simply appalling. They are just asking for trouble!!

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