Traveling With Cash


I was in Target (seriously, how fabulous is Target?) when I saw this lady at the counter pull out all of her cash. I see people do this quite often when I travel so I wanted to make sure to talk to you about it.

I understand paying for things in cash. But if you are going to do that, there is no reason you should have a whole stack of cash out at the counter. When you are traveling, you have to be keenly aware of others around you. I was behind this woman and I saw all of her cash. She had lots of it and if I was the wrong kind of person, I could have easily followed her to her car and robbed her. Now of course that isn’t at all what I would ever do but there are people that will think nothing about robbing you, especially when you are on vacation. Many of them have the mentality that if you are on vacation, you have extra money to burn so it doesn’t matter if they rob you of what you have, you can get more.

When I’m paying for things in cash, I don’t take my wallet out of my purse. I count my money in my wallet (most countries have different colored money so it’s easy to know how much money you have in your wallet).  If you are traveling to a country where you will stand out, the last thing you need to do is bring more attention to yourself by showing all of your cash.


Do you walk around with lots of cash on you when you travel?

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