Train Station In Nice, France


Have you been to the train station in Nice, France? I was there last summer to watch one of my friends compete in Ironman and we took a day trip to Monaco. While I am not a big fan of Nice, I did like the train station and thought it was beautiful.

If you ever go to this station and you want to get to the center of town here is what you do:

  1. exit train station and turn left.

  2. continue walking until you reach Jean-Médecin (one of the major main streets).

  3. Either walk down Jean-Médecin or hop on the tram. You are in the center of town!










 The pics below are of me and my girlfriends, Pamela and Antarra. I have gotten a few questions about some of the products I use for my hair and my accessories so I’m going to start sharing with you what I buy and use.  Click here for the sunglasses I am wearing in the pic below, and here for the glasses Pam has on (she’s the one on the left).


Here are the glasses Antarra was wearing. Like my lipstick? Ruby Woo never disappoints! For my hair click here, I love the way my curls looked!


Have you been to a beautiful train station?


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