Roni The Travel Guru As A Teen

I know what you’re thinking. What is going on with my hair? I have no idea but at the time I swore I was cute. I wore braids in the back and my hair out in the front (because at the time that made sense).

 I think I was maybe 15 in this picture, can you see the shoulder pads? Yeah…I was stylin’. Anyway, I was in 10th grade and can you see my plastic smile? I was probably on my way to high school which was a torturous time for me and I wasn’t happy. And at the time I didn’t like my mom (and I don’t think she liked me either) so things were a bit rough. Well, as rough as it can be for someone that had their own room, three meals a day prepared by my mother and a house filled with people that loved me.

 Anyway, my mom wasn’t sure how I was going to turn out, she had no idea I would one day be a world traveler that people pay to plan trips and speak three languages! You never know what your kids will end up doing, so if they are having issues and you are frustrated, don’t worry.  Love and care for them while giving them the direction and discipline they need and they will more than likely turn out ok, I think I did!



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