The White House

When I was in Washington DC last week, of course I had to stop by and see The White House. I hadn’t actually seen it since I was a child so I was really excited to see it again. I was riding my bike thanks to DC Bikeshare which was a great way to get around because you can’t take a car anywhere near The White House. Unfortunately, you can’t take a tour of The White House right now either, all tours have been canceled due to the sequestration. You can find The White House between 17th and 15th St NW, with Lafayette Park to the North and The Ellipse to the South.



As you can see from the following pictures, there is a vast pedestrian street (which is actually Pennsylvania Avenue) in front of The White House where only police cars are allowed. There was a very large police presence and I instantly felt safe. There was one guy who was standing on the fence that surrounds The White House and a cop quickly came over and told him to get down.

There were men walking around in the driveway of the White House with machine guns and I was a bit timid to take their picture so I didn’t.  Everyone was really was calm and low-key outside of The White House, I think I expected a bunch of chaos but it was super calm.  But I guess it would be with all of the police officers patrolling the area. I even left my bike on the sidewalk as I took pictures around me because really, who is going to be bold enough to steal a bike with all of those cops around?


And there it is, the famous White House. Have you ever been inside? I did the tour as a child but I can barely remember it now.  Did you know that most of the workers that built The White House were slaves? I wonder if those slaves had any idea that one day the house they had built as the universal symbol of American government would one day be occupied by a black man and his family?

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