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If you are going to visit Dublin you may be interested in stopping by and seeing The Famine Memorial which is was made to honor the Irish people from the 19th century that were forced to emigrate during the Irish Famine. I had never heard of the Great Irish Famine and had no idea that over one million people died of hunger during that time and around two million people emigrated in a period of a little more than ten years.

Famine statues in Dublin

These statues are on the River Liffey, about a 15 minute walk from the center of town.

The famine memorial

I think the artist, Dublin sculptor Rowan Gillespie, did an outstanding job in capturing the pain and sorrow on their faces. The sculptures are very tall, over six feet which elongates their bodies and really heightens the depth of their suffering. Having the dog as a sculpture also shows you how the famine effected animals.

Famine statues dublin

Famine statues Dublin

Famine statues dublin

Famine statues in dublin

Something about this sculpture below is haunting to me. The depth of the eyes and the expression on his face carries such despair, and the fact that he is carrying what I assume is his child further drives the point home about the severe hunger they must have felt.  You may think I’m crazy but because I have been to places where people don’t have enough food to eat, I never say, “I’m starving.” It’s something people say often but I’m never starving, I’m just hungry and my hunger can be fulfilled eventually.

Famine statue Dublin

What do you think of these sculptures?

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