St. Petersburg Metro In Russia


I was surprised by the beauty of the St. Petersburg metro. I think it’s a well known fact that Moscow has the most beautiful metro stations in the world and that was the one thing I was really looking forward to seeing (Ok, that last part isn’t a well known fact. You probably had no idea I was looking forward to the metro in Moscow).

However, St. Petersburg also has some lovely stations like these below. It’s amazing to me how clean the metro is, there didn’t seem to be any trash anywhere, it didn’t smell like urine, and there was no graffiti.


Thankfully the metro in St. Petersburg also had the English translation of the station because trying to read Russian was challenging. It’s like no other language I had ever seen so there was nothing to compare it to.



We were on this escalator and it seemed like it was taking an awfully long time so the next time we got on it I timed it. It took three minutes and ten seconds to go down this escalator! And it’s one long escalator, there are no breaks in between. I have never been inside a metro that was this deep underground.


Another thing I noticed it that the metro is incredibly fast. We were sitting down and all of a sudden I realized that we were moving at warp speeds (ok, obviously not that fast but you get the point).

The metro is very noisy but I’ll take noisy over dirty and smelly any day. I love riding the metro, even if it stinks so imagine how happy I was to be in a city where the metro is actually sparkling clean! No one eats or drinks on the metro, I’m not sure if it’s not allowed or if it’s just something people don’t do. Whatever the case, riding the metro was a joy!

Have you seen a metro that looks like this?

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  1. You’re right, that is beautiful! I clicked on this post since the Olympics are going on in Russia and I feel like I don’t know very much about it. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your comment love today. #SITSblogging

  2. This looks really cool. Thanks for sharing the photos. My brother traveled to St. Petersburg last year and wasn’t overly impressed. I kind of want him to be wrong because I still want to go there.

    1. I really enjoyed it. We were there 6 days and loved our time there. I would like to go back and spend more time in Moscow, you should go and prove him wrong!

  3. I really want to travel the world more {totally jealous!} Your pictures look great. Makes me want to hop on a plan to Russia right now. Hope you have a great week!
    Stopping by from SITS

  4. very cool as I have heard about their metros being so gorgeous! thank you for taking me somewhere interesting that I have never visited! I need to get outside of the USA in the coming years but not sure Russia will be on my list.

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