Soweto Hotel And Conference Centre


Did you know there was a 4 star hotel in Soweto? There is! I didn’t stay here so I can’t recommend it but I’m simply letting you know that it is here. Many people I’ve talked to had no idea there was a 4 star hotel in this part of Johannesburg.

Soweto is almost always portrayed as a dirt poor town with a bunch of destitute people and I hope by my posts I can change that perception. Yes, there are poor people but there is much more. 


I wasn’t able to see the hotel rooms but I did look in the lobby and it was lush (see opening picture). The picture below shows some balconies of the hotel over looking Freedom Square. 


Part of my mission for my blog is to inform you of things you may not have seen or heard of and to show you things that don’t always get talked about and I think this hotel is one of them. What do you think? 

Did you know there was a 4 start hotel in Soweto?  

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