Sightseeing From A Bus In India



One of the coolest things about traveling to a different country is being able to observe how other cultures live and how things that aren’t acceptable in my culture are totally acceptable in others. While I was on the bus headed to Taj Mahal I spent lots of time looking out of the window taking pictures and soaking up all the differences.

The way people are driving and being driven in these pics are not at all the way things are done where I live. That doesn’t mean they are wrong, it just means they live differently. All of these pictures were taken from a moving bus.



Yes this bus was moving and yes those are people standing on top of the bus.


It’s not everyday I see a woman walking across the street while balancing something on her head while herding goats.


Yep, they were digging on the back of a truck while it was moving.


I have never seen a man holding a suitcase on a motorcycle!



The back of trucks were almost always filled with people. Men are very affectionate towards each other, it’s part of their culture.


The man below is pedaling! Can you imagine riding a bike filled with all of this stuff?


The tractor below was pulling the people in the picture below. Before I took the picture of the guys in the last picture I asked if I could snap the pic and they gave me the thumbs up sign.




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