10 Best Travel Accessories For Long Flights

What travel accessories for long flights are your must-haves? I think red eye flights are simply the best. THE BEST! Why? Because you can sleep and there is usually minimal noise because everyone on board wants to do the same thing as you…sleep! Here are my favorite travel accessories for long flights you need to make your flight as enjoyable as possible

Travel Accessories For Long Flights – What to Bring

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Bring Your Own Blanket

Whatever you do, do NOT use the airplane blanket for anything other than your legs or feet. Do not put these blankets on your bare skin! Bring your own travel blanket so you can guarantee that you are wrapped in something clean. 

red eye flight tips

Bring Your Own Pillow 

Whether you have a window, aisle, or middle seat, a pillow can be your best friend. I prefer to bring my pillow from home because it’s super soft and I can put it up against the window and fall fast asleep.

If I have a middle or an aisle seat, I bring one of my other pillows that wrap around my neck which allows me to relax no matter what seat I have. You can get one of my favorite travel pillows here.

Pack a pair of socks

If you are like me and your feet get cold when you are on a flight, then socks are definitely something you need. But you don’t want just ordinary socks. You want some super comfy and fluffy socks that make your feet feel like they are being cradled the whole flight. You can get a fab pack of fuzzy socks here.

Don Your Eye Mask 

If you happen to be stuck next to someone who insists on using their light during the flight, you will need a way to shield your eyes from the glare. An eye mask will do that for you and you can be stylish while doing it, depending on which one you choose. 


I personally can’t fall asleep with headphones or earbuds. However, if those work for you then make sure to bring them. I prefer earplugs because they are inexpensive and they don’t take up any room in your purse or carry-on bag.

It is always a good idea to bring earplugs with you in case your batteries fail on your technology and you still need to have quiet. They are super cheap and can be found in almost any store in any city. If you don’t feel like searching the aisles for earplugs, order your earplugs from Amazon and make your life easier

Sleep Aid

Sometimes you need a little help falling asleep. I like using Zzzquil, it has helped me stay asleep and there are no side effects. I also use Advil PM which I find always does the trick. There are also tons of natural products that can help you get some sleep (melatonin works for me). If you need something stronger, consult your doctor before flying and see what is best for you.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

When you wake up you will probably have yuck mouth. Don’t be alarmed, you can easily fix it. Get a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and you will be as good as new when you wake up. Mouthwash can also do the trick. 

Red Eye Flight Tips – Etiquette

Keep your laughter and talking to a minimum 

On a red eye flight, most people are trying to sleep. It would be completely rude to talk loudly or laugh uncontrollably at the movie or TV show you are watching. Of course, you have the right to laugh, but your flight isn’t a comedy club. Keep your laughter at a reasonable volume in order to respect the passengers around you. 

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Go easy on the drinks

If you are one of those people that have to use the bathroom every hour, would it kill you to not drink a bunch on the flight? No one wants you to be dehydrated, but if you have a window seat there is an expectation that you won’t be getting up 10 times during a 6-hour flight. Isn’t that reasonable?

Your Tray Table Is Not Your Play Area!

This is a rule whether you are on a red eye flight or not but come on…why do people use the tray table as their personal play area? Sometimes I swear someone is behind my beating on the tray table like they are doing a drum solo for a sold-out crowd. Just remember, someone is sitting in the seat attached to that tray table and they are trying to sleep.

So please, be mindful of how you bang, slam, pound on and place your things on it. Of course, you can use it, that is what it is there for but just be aware of how your actions are affecting others. Oh and don’t forget to also think about those behind you when you decide when to recline your seat.

We hope our red eye flight tips have been helpful. Now don your fuzzy socks, eye mask and earplugs and enjoy your flight!

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