Did you buy a bathing suit for summer? I know summer is almost over but I took my beach vacation a bit late this year. Last week I was in Cabo San Lucas and I bought this bathing suit off of Amazon (where I have a store, you can purchase the suit and other things here). I was a bit hesitant to buy a bathing suit off of the internet cause I like to try those on in person but I took a risk and I’m so glad I did.



I like my body but it can be a real challenge finding a bathing suit that fits me nicely. I have a rotund bottom (thanks to good genes and lots of squats) and what I love about this suit is it fit my booty perfectly. I didn’t have to constantly pick the suit out of my butt (that happens often when baby got back) which is important cause who wants to constantly walk around picking their butt?


If you don’t have the six pack you want this suit is perfect cause the mesh around the front makes you look good!


So…um…I really don’t know what was going on with my hands in this pic. I’m a big goof ball and my friend Alexsis was taking the pics so I was just doing all kinds of wacky poses.



Remember, I have an Amazon store so if you click on the link and buy the suit (or anything in my store) I get a small percentage. However, that isn’t why I’m sharing this suit with you. I only blog about things I like or enjoy and I truly love this suit, I just wish I could get it in more bright colors. I ordered an XL and it fit perfectly and I’m anywhere from a 10-16 depending on the brand of clothing. If you order it, let me know what you think!

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