Paris-What a cool way to watch the Olympics!

I love Paris. There are things about it that make me really happy and seeing this added to my list as to why I adore this city so much. France takes pride (as do so many other countries) in their Olympic athletes and it seems as if Parisian officials want everyone to have the opportunity to sit and enjoy the excellence of French athleticism. In front of Hotel de Ville, there is an area set up where people can sit at tables or sit on bean bags and cushions (that are already there, you just have to find an available one) and watch the Olympics for as long as you’d like. You can order something to drink or eat, there are waiters there to take your order. It was such a chill vibe, and the broadcast would go back and forth to different events, so you don’t have to only watch one Olympian. While I was there they were going between swimming and some type of handball.

They even put up what everyone thinks is a typical English red phone booths for effect.

Doesn’t everyone look comfortable?

I’m not sure what this game is. Handball?

I just think this is an amazing way to enjoy the Games. I’m sure Paris can’t be the only city in the world doing something like this. If your city is doing something similar, please let me know!

These guys brought their own food. I see those McDonald’s fries!

This little cafe is here specifically for the Olympic area they have set up. You can eat at one of the tables here or you can have your food in front of the huge screen.

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