Paris-what a clever way to dry your clothes!

It is 3:11am and my friend is sound asleep. I should be as well but sleep escapes me tonight. I have so much to tell & show you but since my friend and I are sharing very small quarters, I don’t want my typing to wake her so I will only share one pic I took that I think you may find pretty interesting and different. Most people in Paris don’t have washing machines and dryers. In the U.S. it is pretty standard to have that luxury in your home. Thankfully, my friend has a tiny washing machine that does the job but there is no dryer, so when she wants to dry her clothes, she has to hang them up (I did the same thing when I lived in Paris which is one reason I still hardly ever dry anything in the dryer except towels and sheets. I hate when towels air dry, they come out crunchy. Anyway, I digress).

Since space is limited, clothes are hung on the railing in the window.  I think it’s brilliant and it takes hardly any room at all, and when the clothes are dry, the rack is put up. Love it!

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