I am so grateful to Context Travel for letting me have this wonderful chocolate experience! All they asked in return was a blog post which is super easy to do because the tour was phenomenal.


Y’all know how much I love to eat. I mean…I talk about food on this blog often so imagine my sheer delight when I got the opportunity to take a walking tour with Context Travel which incorporates chocolate, scenery story telling, and beautiful imagery of Parisian streets in their tour! 


What I truly enjoyed about this is it was something I was able to do with my friend and her daughter. The guide had a magnificent way of engaging all of us with her immensely interesting knowledge about chocolate. I learned so much! I won’t go into detail because you really need to take this tour to find out all of the tidbits we learned about chocolate and the process it takes to make this decadent delight. 


I lived in Paris, wrote a guidebook about Paris, and travel there every year (and have since 1999) so I’m always impressed when someone can show me something about the city that I’ve never seen before. I’ve walked down the streets of the chocolate boutiques we visited but never noticed them. Every part of this tour was remarkable and because they keep the group to such small numbers you don’t miss anything nor do you feel like you’re being a tourist. It felt like a friend was simply taking us for a stroll. 



I’ve never taken a tour that so seamlessly combined history, food, and walking. We started in the 6th arrondissement and walked for a couple of hours, taking in all the information our guide had to give. She was even able to keep the attention of my niece! That’s a testament to the excellence of the guides they employ with Context Travel. 





Oh, and our guide wasn’t someone that was hired and had to learn a script. She was a highly accomplished pastry chef who was well versed in her craft and had a magnanimous way of relaying her knowledge. 


We visited four very high end chocolate stores. This isn’t your average chocolate! Every employee in every store wore gloves and of course I had to buy a box or two (or maybe I bought four). 


They have tours all over the world so please check out what they have to offer, I promise that you will be happy you spent the time and money to have such an excellent tour. 

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