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packing 10 days in a carryon is easy

Do you pack a carry-on bag when you travel? I have been team carry-on for over 10 years now and I’m telling you, it’s easy to be stylish and still only take a carry-on bag. All of the outfits in the pic above were in my carry-on bag and I use my line of packing cubes which keeps everything nice and neat. 

Check out my video and see just how easy it is to use them.


The following 3 items were in my bag:

  1. grey pair of pants

  2. grey skirt

  3. black skirt

 The above items were paired with 6 shirts and 3 tank shirts. I love dresses so I packed a couple of those and took 2 pairs of shoes. Two scarves, my jewelry and 1 purse (you can see I rocked it in almost all my pics) made up the rest. That’s it. That’s all I needed and I had more than enough.

packing 10 days in a carryon is easy

I took the 3 basics from my carry-on and created several different looks. All it takes is a little planning to coordinate your outfits and you’ll be set! 

packing 10 days in a carryon is easy

packing 10 days in a carryon is easy


packing 10 days in a carryon is easy

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This is one of my favorite travel dresses. I got it from Amazon and it fits great! Just hang it up to dry or dry it with no hot air. What do you think of my wardrobe? Have you used packing cubes? Check out my video and see just how easy it is to use them.



 So what do you think? Could you pack for a trip only using a carry-on bag? 

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  1. I think I could do this. I hate lugging excess baggage and I found out that over 1/2 the stuff I packed was never worn. Simple is better. When will your cubes be available?


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