Orlando Towers In Soweto



If you know anything at all about Soweto you have probably seen these towers. If you ever visit Soweto please stop and really look at the beautiful descriptive pictures on the towers. 


I didn’t understand who the women were on the towers but the women are called Magogo. That means older women who have been protecting the kids of Soweto and making sure their husbands were fed. People look up to the Magogo because they are the caretakers of the town, the ones everyone respects. 


There are lots of scenes on this particular tower (the other one is in the process of being painted) that show you the beauty, strength, talent and resourcefulness that is living in Soweto. If you ever visit please make sure to stop and take a few moments to enjoy this monument of artistic greatness. 


I’m leaving South Africa this week so I won’t be posting anything else until next Monday as I’m traveling and once I get home I’ll be shattered. You can always find me on my Facebook Fanpage, Instagram and Twitter

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